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In the Public Sector, our references include : departments of the Federal, Regional and Local Governments of Belgium as well as the Commission of the European Communities and a number of International Organizations, such as Junta del Acuerdo de Cartagena (Grupo Andino), Euro-Arab Dialogue, World Bank, ...

Our achievements cover the following expertises :


  • creation of international common markets
  • coordination of fiscal policies
  • definition of social security protection feasible within budgetary constraints
  • writing regulatory directives applicable to regulated industries (e.g. Postal services)
  • study of the economic impact of mobility plans
  • assessment of environmental policies
  • evaluation of the stakes involved in the negotiation of economic treaties.

Sustainable Development and Macroeconomics
Fiscal and Parafiscal reforms
Regulated Industries : the Postal sector
Economics of Mobility
Environmental Policy
International Organizations